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Take a fascinating journey through the financial City of London and its East End with the history of its Jewish people. From an invitation from William the Conqueror 1070 to expulsion by Edward I 1290. Returning under Oliver Cromwell 1656 to mass immigration escaping pogroms in eastern Europe in the 1880’s. The history of the Jewish people in London is a captivating one. Hear about the different sects of Judaism; Sephardic and Ashkenazi. Visit the oldest Synagogue in Britain, the Jewish Quarter in Medieval times and another in Victorian times.  


Learn about famous Jewish characters; the Rothchild banking dynasty, Moses Haim Montefiore the first Jew to be knighted, Sir David Salomans the first Jewish Lord Mayor, Benjamin Disraeli the first Jewish Prime Minister as well as many, many more.


With Britain having the second largest Jewish community in Europe, this tour is loaded with a wealth of historical gems.

Jewish London